B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture


B. Sc. in Agriculture of GIET University is a 4-year undergraduate course in the field of agriculture and its application. This course primarily focuses on research and practices in the agricultural science field that deals with disciplines such as Soil Science, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural Microbiology, and Plant Pathology. In addition, the course also consists of the effective implementation of modern agricultural equipment and techniques and their practical implementation and application. The main aim of this course is to provide training to help better implement modern agricultural techniques and technologies in the real world scenario.

Aspirants can understand the importance of this course at a professional level since India’s economy mainly relies upon agriculture and its productivity. The government of India has recognized this course as a professional degree course that could be studied on a large scale.

Students of Agricultural Science can gain some in-depth knowledge of soil science, land surveying, water resources and its management, animal husbandry management, and few aspects of biotechnology. The basic methodology behind the agricultural science curriculum is to teach students to create effective and modern ways of agriculture to improve overall productivity. All these basic aspects and implements can be learned by students while performing practical research in the field. This course includes other disciplines like home science, entomology, forestry, agronomy, horticulture, plant pathology, soil science, food technology, agricultural economics, fisheries, and veterinary science, etc. Students can study all of these interesting subjects as their specialization during the master’s degree course.

The syllabus and course curriculum of B. Sc. In Agriculture at GIET University is inclusive of class lessons, lab sessions, practical training, field trips, cattle training, etc. Agronomy, Soil Microbiology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Agricultural Economics, Plant Pathology, Statistical Methods, Post-Harvest Technology, etc. are some of the major subjects included in the BSc Agriculture syllabus.

This course is divided into 8 semesters for students to complete this course periodically. Students will learn the basics of plants, the economics of agriculture, and humanity science during their first year of the course. The students will gradually get interacted with fascinating topics like entomology, microbiology, and core agriculture engineering, in the second and third year of the course. Additionally, students will get their skills to strengthen in communication and entrepreneurship development. Finally, students will get hands-on experience practically on-field through Agronomy and agricultural statistics in the final year.

Students belonging to agricultural rural areas can opt for this course since the rural economy of India is dependent on agriculture. Students from urban areas can also choose this course as there is an ever-increasing demand for agricultural products in the market recently. The recent trend of organic farming has also lead to an increase in the number of enthusiasts in this course. Students who are seeking admission for this course should develop a stable mindset and should think analytically. Students of Agriculture should always be prepared to put their hard work both in theory and fieldwork. This course will help the students develop precise communication and presentation skills.

India’s agriculture industry is very vast and it has great scope and potential for graduates who have completed their degree in agriculture sciences course. Agriculture research institutes are spread across all states in India. These institutions strive to develop the latest technologies on crop development and agriculture equipment. Agriculture experts are constantly developing new methods of organic farming and promoting them so that our farmers can develop chemical-free crop production. Professionals who have completed the BSc agriculture course from GUIT University can have a positive scope in this sector. Further, they can also explore the best opportunities to work on advanced agricultural technologies.

B. Sc. In agriculture graduates from our university can work in the agriculture sector both in India as well as in foreign countries. The agriculture field has numerous employment areas where these graduates can easily seek work experience. Various sectors such as food processing, poultry, dairy industry, industry, fertilizer Production Company, FMCG, and institutions, etc. offer job opportunities for graduates in agriculture. There are many agro-industries such as food processing and fertilizer production companies that are seeking employment relevant to the agriculture science field. The professionals with B. Sc. in Agriculture degree from GIET University can easily apply for these positions and gain healthy work experience in this industry and contribute towards the economy and its prosperity.

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