The various clubs and student chapters of the departments provide the students the much-cherished opportunity to come together to discuss and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Here, there’s something for everyone!

CSI Student Chapter:

The Computer Society of India or CSI is the first and largest body of computer professionals in India which got established in 1965. It is a non-profit professional meet to exchange views and information learn and share ideas regarding advancement of theory and practice of Computer Engineering and Technology Systems, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and many more.

Regularly organizes workshops, seminars conventions, and technical talks for the benefit of professionals and users of IT apart from conducting development programs for professionals, researchers and students.
Works closely with other industry associations, government bodies and academia to ensure that the benefits of IT advancement ultimately percolate down to every single citizen of India.

Extends funding support for research projects as well as funds visits of researchers presenting papers at international conferences.
Facilitates industry-academia interaction through CIO meets, Professors’ meets. CSI offers professional counseling through various events, conferences, symposia to student members of their well-established network of Student Branches.

Android and Internet Of Things Club:

IoT club provides the venue for the aspiring engineers to get exposure and experience in the latest and futuristic smart technology – Internet of Things. The motto of the club is ‘Everything, Everyone, Everywhere’. The club strives to provide the following to keep the members of the club exposed to the technology.

To increase awareness of the opportunities presented by Internet of Things as a growing concept.
To provide a social platform for Internet of Things enthusiasts (like-minded individuals) to network and connect with experts within the field.

To host workshops to facilitate the building of simple Internet of Things devices, hence allowing students to interact with them in a widely accessible manner.

To form teams to take part in IoT-based competitive activities (e.g. Internet of Things hackathon).
To encourage students to incorporate skills learned within their respective faculties into IoT-based projects that they will strive to create.

Apart from getting the basics of functional concepts and components, scope and application sectors of IoT through different periodical activities, the club members get a great opportunity to gain hands on experience on IoT related technology that enables them to contribute towards the development of Working prototypes that can be elevated towards marketable products. Club members were given an open avenue to discuss about the innovative ideas they can contribute towards the different verticals of IoT – Health care, Smart Cities, Agriculture etc. Club activities give the students the touch and feel of sensors and controllers used in IoT. With the support of management, commitment of faculty and trainers and with the involvement of club members, this club will bring laurels to the institution

Data Science Club:

Data Science Club, which strives to promote projects and research in fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc. is a student organization, initiated at the departments of Computer Science and Engineering, GIET University, Gunupur. Data Science Club (abbreviated as DSC) strives to be the single focal point of overall development and growth of student community. DSC will connect the dots to build a networked society of students, industry professionals, faculty and companies. Ongoing year-round activities which are tailor made to suit the current and future needs of students and industries. DSC will help the students to stay updated with the latest trends and industry best practices, fine tune their technical and professional skills, and test them through flagship data science competitions. The group shares knowledge to society and create awareness through conducting seminar, workshop, symposium, conference and media.