The organizational activity aimed at increasing individual and group performance in an organizational setting is basically what training and development entail. The Division of Human Resources agrees that continued education is an integral aspect of your work at GIET University. Training and Development have put together a set of learning opportunities that can help you advance both personally and professionally. Training focuses on performing tasks in the present, to educate workers for their current professions, while development prepares employees, as well as students, for future roles and responsibilities.

For Employees

Employees are continually being asked to develop new skills, work in new and exciting ways, and change direction at a moment’s notice in this continuously shifting environment. These skills are needed so that workers can keep up with the current demands and help the University remain competitive. The Training and Development Department is devoted to assisting University administrators in properly handling employee efficiency and increasing leadership effectiveness.

For Students

It is equally important for students to gain and polish their skillsets in an environment that demands the use of their learnings vocationally. GIET has made it a priority to develop world-class engineers by offering high-quality education. These Engineers, on the one hand, work in human organizations, which necessitate effective coordination, proper actions, good leadership skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills, and knowledge of the global work environment. In this context, the management recognized that one of the thrust areas should be to foster a vision to transform students into employable, future-ready, global resources, and conceptualized the need for a program to educate students in the aforementioned skills. Keeping in mind that today’s generation requires the surety of better placements and an effective space where they can nurture themselves, training and development, thus become significant.


One of the University’s fundamental principles is to support career development for both workers and students, which we do through a range of programs and initiatives.

  • A diverse array of training courses are offered at the University by a variety of providers.
  • An online learning center that offers learning packages on a range of subjects, including those for new employees, academics, and those that want to enhance specific skills.
  • The incentive to attend University departments and institutions’ lectures and seminars.
  • New employees have a probation period that provides a forum for evaluating progress and addressing training and development needs.
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