B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture

Innovative Teaching

Some of our most inspiring and unforgettable events are of teachers and professors who use innovative methods of teaching to reach out to the minds of the students and win the hearts of the audience while doing so.

Some of the innovative teaching strategies used by our young budding teachers as well as our experienced teachers were:

  1. Teaching through smart boards in smart classroom– It helps students experience a deeper level of engagement and understanding which is done by making the course content interactive and visual.
  2. Teaching through Collaboration- Teachers help foster this skill in the classroom by allowing students to learn, study and work in groups. It is done by assigning group homework or encouraging students to work together on assignments, presentations and other reports.
  3. Teaching through Cloud Computing/Google Classrooms: faculties save vital classroom resources such as lesson plans, notes, videos, and assignments details on the classroom cloud/Google Classrooms. This can then be accessed by the students from the comfort of their homes/hostels, whenever needed bringing the classroom back to the students with the click on a mouse. It also ensures that students who have missed class either for illness or any other reason stay updated at all times.
  4. Teaching through visits to farms, orchard, villages, organisations, forests and different units in university (Vermicomposting, Mushroom, Azolla unit, Polyhouse, shadenet etc.) To achieve first-hand knowledge of students regarding different practices, principles and processes in agriculture domain which can be readily compared with theoretical knowledge learnt in classes.
  5. Teaching through open and free discussion by creating conducive atmosphere for students: Faculties in our college facilitate conducive and fruitful atmosphere among students for free and rational discussions. Several Brainstorming sessions, group discussions, impromptu presentations, extempore, public speaking and ideas generation techniques were carried out by teachers in class hours. Every faculty prefer interactive way of teaching which results in effective learning among students.
  6. Teaching methods which improve problem solving and critical thinking skills: Creative teaching methods allow students to learn at their own pace and challenge them to brainstorm new ways to address a problem instead of finding answers already written in textbooks.
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