Recruiter Testimonials

  • Mandar Thombare

    Thanks for the hospitality offered during the campus drive, We have come across very good candidate.

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Excellent hospitality very good co-operation and support from all the staff members.

  • Raghuraj Singh Balot

    Phenomenal People, Awesome Ambience Great Talent pool one of the best campuses we have visited. Thanks for helping us trumpeting over talent shortages and really appreciate the way you guys conduct campus drives.

  • Mayank Jindal

    It is an excellent experience to be at GIET, Campus. Such a green and clean environment that everyone will look. Very inspiring Keep it up.

  • Mohd. Farmoz Burman

    It’s always been a pleasure coming back to GIET year after year and recruiting the interns who have become great employees. Their contribution has been well acknowledged.

  • Vijay Sharma

    Good College, Disciplined students Good hospitality Keep up the good ‘work. Looking forward for the next year.

  • Sanjeev Choudhary

    Infrastructure wise college is very good Practical Knowledge of the students is also good at the time of campus interview. Hope this will continue.

  • Kajol Gupta

    Sheer pleasure in having driven at GIET Always, Great hospitality Great Placement Team and off course stable and good with attitude to hire students. We have an history off till now.

  • Brundaban Swain

    Nice Excellent Infrastructure Excellent Service/Perfect Campus.

  • Anusha Upreti

    Nice, Excellent Infrastructure, Excellent Service / Perfect Campus.

  • Sanjay Patel, Vishwesh Patel, Gaurang Patel, Ashok Bhudiya

    Nice campus & like punctuality, very good staff. Was a fabulous experience with campus recruitment process Awesome hospitality & let’s build long term relationship.

  • Shishir Kumar

    Beautiful campus, amazing Infrastructure, friendly environment. However students have to work hard on their communication skills most of the students have heavy accent and need to improve.

  • Nilendu Ganguly, Sandip Roy, Anuradha Bose, Anuradha Bose

    We really lived the campus, good ambience and hospitality, student were much disciplined.

  • Alok Nigam

    It was such an amazing, beautiful and well equipped campus; the engineering labs and computer labs are truly world class.

  • Maj. Susil Kumar

    A very good infrastructure but students need to be groomed a bit about general awareness about things happening around.

  • K. Bhanu Prakash

    A good academic Institution striving for excellence. Well-mannered staff and students. All the best wishes to make it a much stronger presence in the Industry.

  • L. Raghavendra Guru

    Discipline in campus is Excellent.

  • Abhay Kumar

    Students & campus Excellent

  • Rohit Arjaria

    Impressed to find such an professional Institute in the hill sides remote area of Orissa. An eye opener for me. I wish the Institute all the best to future.

  • Subas Ch. Gantayat

    A beautiful campus, excellent facility. Can match any World class education campus. Kudos to GIETians.

  • K. Vijay Kumar

    Environment friendly atmosphere and nice hospitality round. I appreciate the management for the social responsibility & commitment to environment friendly campus. Nice facilities for students to build their career.

  • A.K.G. Pillai

    Very good hospitality well behaved stay and faculty looking forward for the next year.

  • I. Rani Kiran

    It is good to have many students with good knowledge. I personally enjoyed the stay in GIET on 19.02.11. Received a warm welcome from the management. Look forward to have same relation with the Institute in the future. Best regards.

  • Dek Mishar

    Very well suited Infrastructures with excellent facility to grow the talent. Student need to be well passed with the right concept. Looking forward to visit again. Enjoyed being here.

  • Anand Acharya

    College campus is excellent. We can expect good engineers from this College.

  • Anand Prakash Trivedi

    Campus is very very good.

  • Amarjeet Singh Benipal

    Campus & Infrastructure is excellent, good students need to be trained a bit for P.I. by mock interviews. So that their interview-fobia will go, can express their views with confidence and dare. Good to see you again & again.

  • B. R. Ramesh

    So happy with the college, the environment and the staff. Nice and outstanding campus experience.

  • Sa Mahadik & D.D. Salvi

    We are amaze to see the entire campus. It is well organized. Campus is always concerned for students. We are very happy with the management and the students here.

  • K. Patel

    It was an experience that I shall remember for days and years to come. I experienced my childhood when I found the place surrounded by hills, (my home town), I met my professor who has

  • Ch. Ananda

    Simply in one word AWESOME college.

  • Biswadeep

    A visit to remember an excellent campus. Thanks a lot for the hospitality.

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