Student Grievances

Strength of the University is the welfare of the students GIET University offering an effective mechanism for student grievances. Grievance redressal cell was constituted in the university as per the regulations of University Grants Commission. A Grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction, whether expressed or not, whether valid or not, arising out of anything connected with the Institute that a student thinks, believes, or even feels, is unfair, unjust or inequitable.

In GIET University grievance and redressal cell established to resolve all day by day grievance of the students through single window, any student with a genuine grievance may approach Professor (I/C) Students Affairs and Grievance Cell to submit his/her grievance in proper format. Grievance redressed in systematic way by involving the respective Department/person connected to that issue.
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Objective of grievance redressal

  • Linking with a well-defined Disciplinary System to make it acceptable to all.
  • All actions should be prompt for better redressal of Grievance.
  • To make the redressal process fair, impartial, consistent, with prior warnings and commensurate with gravity of misconduct.
  • Aim should be on prevention of misconduct rather than controlling through punitive measures.
  • To create a platform where students can point out their problems, regarding academic and non-academic matters.
  • Get suggestions from the students for improvement.
  • Take necessary steps for improvement in the light of grievances.

Nature of grievance:

  • Issue Related to Course Registration
  • Any Issues about Change of Specialization
  • Issues Regarding Course Requirement and Course Content
  • Examinations Related Issues
  • Issues Regarding Applying for Certificates
  • Subject related
  • Any other Matter Related to Academics

  • Issues Related to Transport facility
  • Issues about Hostels
  • Any Issues of Canteen & Central Mess
  • Issues Related to Sports
  • Issues Related to Post Office and Banks
  • Issues about Other facilities Provided by the University (Water,Electricity,Maintenance,etc…)
  • Any other Matter

  • Grievances about Student’s Behavior Towards other Students/Staff/Visitors.
  • Grievances about Faculty & Staff Behavior Towards other Students/Staff/Visitors

  • Issues Related to Harassment (sexual)
  • Issues about Discrimination or Racial Treatment

Grievance Handling procedure University Level

  • Whenever a complaints/grievance is received from a student or a staff member /Parents/Visitors it will be recorded and a unique number will be given to the grievance for future reference. (GCFC/DEPT/A.Y/XXXX)
  • Recorded grievance will be forwarded to the concerned department/ Committee/Person asking them the information about the time required to provide the solution.
  • Acknowledge the student/parent/staff/visitors with the information given by the concerned department/committee/person.
  • Enquire the status of grievance under process periodically.
  • At the end of stipulated time a report/solution will be collected from concerned department/ committee/Person.
  • If the grievance is resolved to the expected level of satisfaction, the student/parent is supplied with the solution provided by department/ Committee/Person.
  • If the grievance is not resolved to the expected level of satisfaction, a detailed report stating the reasons for not arriving at the expected solution will be collected.
  • If the reason for not resolving the grievance is the insufficient time, the time required will be re scheduled appropriately by looking in to the details and same will be acknowledged to the student/parent(repeat the steps 4,5,6).
  • Escalate the grievances/ complaints to higher management if any case, the complaints and grievances could not be handled by the department/ Committee/Person.

Students can bring their Grievance given by using the format given below

Grievance Appeal Form

For Online Submission of Grievance Click On

Prof. Ranjeet Panigrahi

Professor (I/C) of Students Affair and Grievance Cell

Mrs. Ashima Sindhu Mohanty

Coordinator, of Students Affair and Grievance Cell

Mr. Santosh Tripathy

Coordinator, of Students Affair and Grievance Cell
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