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Agriculture is the backbone of a developed economy and is the resource to food security and the driving force in any economy. India has a vast potential for agricultural growth and development with several agro-based industries and agricultural elements. When we talk about agriculture, we mean giving food to the masses and providing raw materials to several industries across the country.

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With the advancement of research across diverse fields, agricultural research too will emerge as a demanding field. The research in agriculture will lead to better production and enough food for the ever-increasing population of India. Simultaneously, it will aim to sustain the entire system of food production and consumption. The School of Agricultural Sciences (SAS) at GIETU is established precisely for that cause!


Agricultural Sciences


  • Wednesday12 Feb 2020

    National Seminar, School of Agriculture...

    Broucher RASSFE 2020  

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  • Thursday02 Apr 2020

    Rainfed Agriculture: Strategies for a...

    Sustaining & enhancing agriculture system can promote economic growth, reduce poverty and help in enhancing...

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