Sexual Harassment Control Committee/Internal Complaint Cell

This committee is constituted with the following members to overview the harmonious living in the campus and hostels (in-house & town).

Sl.No Name Designation Position
1 Mrs. Deepika Patnaik Associate professor Convener
2 Mrs. Suman Mishra Asst. Professor Co-convener
3 Mrs. Ranjita Rout Asst. Professor Member
4 Mrs. Maitrayee Rout Asst. Professor Member
5 Ms. Bandita Sahu Asst. Professor Member
6 Mrs. Geetanjali Mishra Asst. Professor Member
7 Mrs. Padmini Mishra Asst. Professor Member
8 Ms. Gangotri Mishra Asst. Professor Member
9 Ms. Niharika Patel Asst. Professor Member
10 Mrs. Manasi Chudhary HR Executive Member
11 Mrs. Susandhya Sahoo SWO Member


  • To provide Suggestion boxes at various locations in the campus & Ladies Hostels to receive various difficulties uncounted by Lady Staffs and girl students.
  • To conduct meetings at regular intervals if any compliance being received.
  • Girl students report their grievance to the committee, A member who feels that she has been harassed an also approach the committee.
  • Corrective action is taken, including Formal apology, Counseling, Written warning to the perpetrator and a copy of it maintained in the employee’s file, Change of work assignment / transfer for the perpetrator or the victim, Suspension or termination of services of the employee found guilty of the offence.


  • To fulfill the directives of the Hon’ble Supreme Court enjoining all employers to develop and implement a policy against sexual harassment at the work places.
  • Prevention of sexual harassment to ensure safe working environment for women employees and girl students.
  • To promote a social and psychological environment this will raise awareness about sexual harassment in its various forms.
  • To make the commitment to ensure an environment without gender bias or gender based discrimination in the college campus.


  • Undertake workshops and training programmes at regular intervals for sensitizing the members.
  • Prominently display notices in various places in the establishment spreading awareness about the issue of “Sexual Harassment at the Workplace” and giving information about the redressal mechanism that has been put in place and encouraging people to file their grievances.
  • Facilitate initiation of proceedings if an act/s of sexual harassment has been brought to his/her notice.
  • Responsible for investigating every formal written complaint of sexual harassment, taking appropriate remedial measures to respond to any substantiated allegations of sexual harassment.
  • Obtain high level support from the higher Authorities, Principal & Director for implementing a comprehensive strategy: Providing information to all staff and students about what constitutes sexual harassment and about their responsibility not to sexually harass other staff and students, Providing information and training to managers, supervisors and staff conducting teaching and learning activities on meeting their responsibilities in relation to maintaining a work and study environment free from sexual harassment
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