University Knowledge Centre

The central Library of GIET University is popularly known with the latest word i.e. Knowledge Centre one of the best library in the Eastern India and even in the Odisha in the area of engineering, technology and in other disciplines not only collection but as a service providers to it user.. The library was established from the inception of the college with a facility of round the clock( 365×24).

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  • Vision

    The Library will become the key venue and platform of teaching, learning, research and knowledge sharing in a leading technical education-focused with multidisciplinary within the India and will achieve excellence in information resources, services and infrastructure. Through its innovation and utilization of all available resources, the Library will contribute to both scholarship and professional development in Education and complementary disciplines including Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative Arts and Culture and other fields.

  • Mission

    The Library supports the Institute’s primary mission in the strategic development of education in GIET UNIVERSITY, Gunupur by


    • Providing a conducive environment for teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange.
    • Organizing and providing quality information resources and services to support all academic programmes of the Institute, accessible by all staff and students, and extendable to alumni, the education sector and the general public;
    • Facilitating the creation and transfer of new knowledge by members of the Institute;
    • Collaborating with academic and research libraries in India and overseas like DELNET, NDL and others.
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