Department of Management Studies

HOD Message

Today we find that management has become overwhelmingly pervasive. The MBA program in SMS is an attempt to develop people’s skills for students with a focus on team skills, essential for any organization. A pedagogy completes with teaching and learning that includes real-life situations along with management games, exercises, student presentations, group discussions to get the best out of the budding manager and the business leader.

As a multidisciplinary business school, we offer a complete portfolio of activities, with particular attention to Marketing, Finance and Human resource management. Most of our highly qualified, dedicated and committed teachers have years of experience in teaching and in industry. To improve learning, our faculty employs a variety of teaching methods, including case analysis, individual and group projects, simulations, classroom discussions, guest lessons and active learning modules. The beautiful campus with its new block and modern facilities provide an ideal environment for students’ professional development.

Our department has produced hundreds of professionals and a name has been established in the country and abroad. They have consistently excelled in a highly competitive industrial environment, best employer / premium in high-level companies. I attribute this success to the winning combination of a dedicated faculty working hard to provide quality education, a well-planned curriculum and, last but not least, our students.

Learning is a continuous process and does not end with the acquisition of a degree, above all because the constant and rapid progress in information technology shortens the life of the tools and techniques that prevail today. Therefore, our goal is not to make our students walk on manuals of any language or package. Instead, they have a solid foundation in problem-solving and processing techniques and adapt to changes.

We believe that this teaching-learning approach, together with the practical experience gained during industrial training in renowned organizations, provides our students with the opportunity to face the challenges posed by the software industry. I’m sure you’ll find our students worthy of your organization

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