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B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)

B.Tech. in CSE is a broad and flexible degree program with the curriculum specifically designed to reflect the depth and breadth of computer science. It includes study of various aspects of computer to meet the requirements of the various industries. The course contains study of the basic computer sciences and its application, as well as the detailed study of the various aspects of its working. Expert members from Academia and Industry provide inputs in introducing specialized courses in the curriculum to suit industry needs. The four-year course that lead to a degree in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), adopt a University-mandated semester system of 8 semesters.

M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)

The postgraduate program prepares scholars to become leaders in knowledge-driven professions by providing a learning environment strongly focused on collaborative, interdisciplinary research. The programme includes courses covering the core of Computer Science and Engineering discipline and several electives in the latest areas of developments in the field of Computer Science. Students learn to reach across traditional academic boundaries, to seek the knowledge and resources needed to solve important technological problems. The educational experience helps students choose from a number of challenging paths to reach their goal of a degree in a particular discipline.

The two-year course that lead to a degree in Master of Technology (M.Tech), adopt a University-mandated semester system of 4 semesters.

M.Tech. Intake
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