The department of Biotechnology at GIET University has been researching frontier areas of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. It aims to provide academic training and simultaneously help the students carry out research work to expand existing knowledge in Biotechnology. The department takes pride in exposing the students to research work by inviting them to participate in project teams led by our esteemed and nationally recognized faculty.

Biotechnology has tremendous practical implications in today’s society. Modern Biotechnology has applications in different domains, such as in the manufacture of high technology pharmaceuticals, making enzymes used to wash clothes. The discipline can also efficiently provide food for future generations by reducing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation. Additionally, Biotechnology also possesses the power to foster help-built resistance in crops through gene-editing methods. Through their path-breaking research work, biotechnologists have, over the years, positively impacted areas like health care, diagnostic, agriculture, environment, food industry, and so on.

The department of Biotechnology at GIET University is actively involved in research work. The course framework is crafted keeping the current industry trends in mind. It enables the students to acquire the requisite great skill set and become leaders in their field of study.

The biotechnology department is equipped with evolved research and development programs for environmentally sustainable bio-industrial products and services like bioenergy, therapeutics, and a clean environment. Through faculty interactions and collaborations with different departments and universities, GIET University offers students the opportunity to pursue their research. There are regular research work and programs held in Environmental Biotechnology, where students study the natural environment. It is an attempt to harness biological processes for commercial uses.

GIET University also conducts continuous research programs to discover new drugs. The research aims to develop helpful drugs to treat several preventable diseases and discover drugs to treat life-threatening and deadly diseases. Research is also in progress to make food grains and vegetables last longer through food processing techniques, significantly reducing food wastage and helping solve its hunger problem. Food processing involves processing raw food items that are perishable and converting them to produce marketable food products that last longer. GIETians from the department of Biotechnology have stood out in the significant field of research work. These include Plant Molecular

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