Biotechnology is a branch of science that is not confined or bound as a single discipline. It includes many interdisciplinary branches of science. Biotechnology combines the dimensions of Biological, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics and helps solve today’s societal issues. It utilizes living cells and cellular materials to create pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, and other products that greatly benefit humankind.

Biotechnology’s application in the present day lies in its usefulness in industries like the food and beverage industry, textile, medicine and pharmaceutical, agriculture, animal husbandry, forensics, and nutrition. Biotechnologists seek answers to prevent life-threatening diseases, meet the world’s ever-growing population’s food and energy requirements, and try their best to solve environmental problems that threaten the planet’s existence.


The scope of the discipline is vast. The application of biotechnology in medicine cannot be overemphasized- be it the development of diagnostic kits, vaccines, drugs, and food safety. There is a sub-branch of Biotechnology known as Medical Biotechnology that deals with these domains. Other than this, the students also learn about Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering, Genetic Engineering, and Bioinformatics.


The Biotechnology department at GIET University has a well-equipped infrastructure and strong teaching and research facilities to help the students get a good grasp of the discipline. The department plans to promote research and innovation in Biotechnology, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and other Life Sciences fields. The department strives to promote highly competent industry-oriented research and academics and hopes that the students will solve many of the problems that the nation faces today.


The Department of Biotechnology is committed to achieve high standards in academic excellence through quality teaching with latest technology and research in the areas of sustainable agriculture, environment, health care and entrepreneurship.


  • To maintain high standards in teaching and laboratory courses to cater the needs of professional requirements of all stake holders.
  • To provide flexible curriculum through professional electives to allow the students to study the courses of their choice towards career development.
  • To create opportunities and a supporting infrastructure for students – through projects, dissertations, and possible entrepreneurial ventures in Biotechnology to achieve their aspirations.
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