Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA )

Value Added Courses(Courses)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Department at GIET University has several Value-Added Courses. The goal of these courses is to provide a learner-centric technical program. These courses provide students with an awareness of the expectations of the job industry and improve the employability skills of the students. The courses also bridge the skill gaps and the students become industry-ready. The courses focus on skill development and the emphasis of these courses is on providing students practical training and improve their problem-solving skills. The following are the various value-added courses that are offered by the BBA Department:

Corporate Skills for Executives

The BBA department provides a value-added course on “Corporate Skills for Executives”. The objective of teaching this course is to enhance the skills of our students in the corporate world. The course helps the students to apply their strategic skills to work in a team or group within an organisation. It enhances the skills of negotiation that is so important in the corporate world. Students are given different case studies to solve, they are given hands-on training to create different Social Media account to create networking in the corporate world. The course has been greatly beneficial for the students in improving their career graph.

Soft Skills Training and Development

Having strong skills will enable students to build, develop and manage teams. Soft skills play a significant role in the development of student’s overall personality, which enhances their career prospects. Keeping the importance of soft skills in mind, the BBA department of GIET University provides a practical orientation to the students which helps them to drastically improve their soft skills. The focus of the course is on improving skills in communication, the effective use of English, presentations, business correspondence, group discussions, improving interpersonal skills and so on.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an absolute necessity in today’s world and helps students to face challenges in today’s competitive market scenario. The BBA Department provides extensive 360-degree Digital Marketing training to the students. Students are trained in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, YouTube Marketing and so on by our eminent faculty.

Personal Branding and Networking

The BBA Department provides the students with a course on Personal Branding and Networking. The focus of the course is on creating a LinkedIn profile for the students. This will help them to connect to the professional world better when they brand themselves. The course helps the students understand the need, the process and importance of personal branding before getting into a professional field. The students will also learn to keep themselves updated with the right networking skills, this knowledge will help them to further their career graph.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification

The BBA Department offers the students a course on Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate. This will help the students validate proficiency in using Microsoft Office 2010. This will greatly increase their efficiency and productivity. They will also be able to negotiate higher salaries with their employers on account of their high-level computer skills.

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