Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA )

Innovative Teaching

The Bachelor of Business Application (BBA) course at GIET University has a dedicated, qualified and experienced faculty and support staff. The goal of the faculty members is to make learning a fun, thrilling and engaging experience. To this end, they employ different pedagogical methods. The different innovative learning methods employed by the faculty to make learning interesting, fun and engaging are:

Case Study Method

Case study method is aimed at developing managerial skills in students. Real-life business problems are usually provided to the students in the form of a story and students are asked to find possible alternative solutions to them. Through a case study, one learns a broad range of skills.

Situation Handling and Role Plays

Role-playing takes place between two or more students who act out different roles to explore a particular scenario. Students are assigned certain roles in a given industry and they have to respond to their characters. This is done to ensure that students understand the repercussions of their actions.

Tutorial and Group Discussion

Tutorials are a unique aspect of the educational experience. During tutorials and group discussions, students discuss individual topics with the faculty or in small groups. This enhances their understanding of the topic, improves their verbal communication skills as well as provides them with an opportunity to receive constant feedback. The faculty encourages and motivates the students to develop critical and analytical thinking as well as hone problem-solving skills. Brainstorming sessions in the tutorial help the students to see the significance and implications of their knowledge so they can apply what they have understood.

Simulation games/Hands-on experience

With the help of customised software tools, students are exposed to real business situations where they have to take important decisions and at the time compete with their classmates. Stock market-related software is often used to provide the experience of live share trading in the virtual world. Entire courses or modules are designed around games or activities, with more traditional methods used as supplements.

Blended Teaching

Blended teaching involves the mix of both traditional classrooms teaching as well as a digital mode of learning like e-learning, mobile learning etc. At times, online lectures are conducted through webinars/video conferencing by senior corporate officers, renowned academicians, or researchers located elsewhere. Combining technology with personal learning is a great way to ensure that all learners are involved in the experience.

Other than the aforementioned methods of teaching, the focus is also on presentations with or without the help of audio-visual aids. Students are given crucial tasks like understanding customer buying behaviour, analysing the performance of financial institutions or companies, finding out the best Human Resources (HR) practices, understanding the logistics of a firm, industry etc. To make sure that students learn the concepts clearly, periodic assessment is done through quizzes and exercises, which can be oral, objective type questions and so on.

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