B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture

NSS Activities

NSS/ (National Service Scheme)

In GIET University, the NSS started in the year 2008 when it was affiliated under Berhampur University and carried out different activities under this wing and has a separate office for this. The school of Agriculture does not have a separate wing of the NSS. The GIET University has a NSS wing in which students of the School of Agriculture participate actively and carry out NSS activities as detailed below:

Different events conducted by NSS Unit

Sl. No. Event Date Venue
1 Blood donation camp 27-07-2019 GIET University campus
30-08-2019 GIET University campus
24-09-2019 GIET University campus
31-10-2019 GIET University campus
30-11-2019 GIET University campus
18-02-2020 GIET University campus
2 Blood donation awareness program 23-09-2019 From Gunupur college to Town Bus stand, Gunupur
3 Swachch Bharat Abhiyan 15-08-2019 GIET University campus
09-09-2019 Narsinghmunda village
19-09-2021 GIET University campus
27-07-2022 GIET University campus
27-07-2022 GIET University campus
27-07-2022 GIET University campus
4 Parthenium eradication program 04-01-2020 GIET University campus
5 Spandan 09-09-2019 Narsinghmunda village
02-10-2019 GIET University campus
02-10-2020 GIET University campus
02-10-2021 GIET University campus
6 Prasad Distribution program 24-02-2022  GIET University campus
04-07-2019  Near Jagannath temple
01-03-2022  At hill-top Shiva temple
7 Van Mahotsav (Tree plantation) 05-07-2019 GIET University campus
07-07-2021 Outskirts of Railway Station, Gunupur
27-07-2019 GIET University campus
27-07-2019 GIET University campus
8 Fit India Marathon 02-10-2019 From old bus stand to University campus
02-10-2021 From Gunupur college to New Bus stand, Gunupur
9 Road-safety awareness rally 12-01-2020 From Gunupur college to Old Bus stand, Gunupur
10 COVID Awareness Activities
a) Mask distribution and awareness 27-07-2020 Bandhuguda village
b) Installation of public steamer 04-01-2021 New Bus Stand, Gunupur
c) Distribution of hand sanitizers 10-01-2021 Public offices and villages
11 Village household Surveys 16-01-2022 Narsinghmunda village
25-01-2022 Bandhuguda village
12 Visit to old-age home 24-08-2019 Brudhashram, Gunupur
13 Visit to Orphanage and cloth distribution 24-11-2019 Bal Niketan, Gunupur


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