Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


Electronics and Communication Engineering discipline deals with electronic devices, circuits, communication devices like transmitter and receiver. This engineering stream is involved with basic electronics, analog transmission, microprocessors, and satellite communication, among others. An electronics graduate will better understand current technological trends. There is excellent scope for Electronics and Communication engineers across various sectors like telecommunication, Civil Aviation, Railways, Home Appliance, and Computer Programming Language.


The department of Electronics and Communications at GIET University comprises competent and highly trained faculty and staff members. Through their effective teaching practices, the students are taught core engineering skills in electronics and communications. The curriculum covers

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Microcontrollers
  • Logic Design
  • Analog Communication
  • Microelectronics Circuits

The focus is on workshops, practical project work, seminars to promote a healthy work culture and practical experience.


The department is committed to achieving excellence in teaching and research. For this reason, a balance is sought between theory and practice. The department has a mission to provide an academic environment that promotes creative thinking, research, and innovation. The students are taught about the latest technological innovations used in designing and developing new electronics and computer parts. Newer waves of technology in Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT). have made electronics and communication even more central to our economy’s future.

Electronics and Communication Engineering is an ever-growing sector in today’s digital scenario. It utilizes various tools applied in practical problems in the field of Electronics and Communication. The department of ECE in Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology was established in the year 2000 with an intake of 60 students. Upon quality assurance, it has been certified and accredited by national board of accreditation valid up to 2022. The department consists of highly qualified and experienced faculty members with well equipped and sophisticated laboratories to impart high quality technical education to the students. The department embraces of Analog & Digital Electronics Circuits, Electrical & Electronics Measurement, Microprocessor & Micro-controller, Analog & Digital Communication Technique, Digital Signal Processing, Control System Engineering, VLSI Design and Microwave Engineering laboratories. In addition, all the laboratories are also integrated with modern simulating software’s like PROTEOUS, EXPRESS PCB, XILINX, TANNER TOOL, LABVIEW, MATLAB, FEKO and Optisystem. Most of these are custom design to facilitate better demonstration hands on practice and easier understanding for the students. The department of ECE stands on three center of excellence: Corel Technologies Pvt. Limited, HR Universal System Inc. and Entrench Electronics Pvt. Limited. Keeping in view for future perspective and outgrowth of the aspirants, various MOUs have been signed with different organizations.

Value added courses viz. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & Distributed Control System (DCS) provide better exposure among the students to reach the expectation of industry. In order to promote an inclusive and sustainable environment for innovation and research & development, the department of ECE collaborated with industries and other academia on a common platform to find solution for the growing societal needs and challenges. Together with PLC and DCS, other courses like Certified Automation Courses (SCADA, HMI, & DRIVES), Embedded System, VHDL Programming, MATLAB & LABVIEW training, PC Interface Robotics Programming and PCB design are also nurtured.

The department is regularly conducting National and International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Faculty Development Programs in the association with different funding agencies to enhance the technical ability of faculty members. Resource persons from distinct renowned institutes like IISc, IITs, NITs including various reputed Universities and Industrial experts are invited to give an exposure to the gray areas and current technologies.

Being the members of various National and International Organizations like IE(I), ISTE, ISOI, IETE, the department shares knowledge with students and faculties. In order to conduct Seminars, Workshops, Tech-Fests & Social Welfare activities, the department has its own student association named as EONYX.

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