Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at GIET University has offered quality education to the students through its dedicated and hardworking faculty. The department wishes to be a center of excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering through innovative practices and research-based knowledge to reach valid conclusions. The faculty and the students have collaborated to design solutions for complex engineering problems. The objective is to design system components or processes that meet the needs of public health and safety. The thrust areas where our researchers are working on are:

Power Systems and Power Electronics

Research on power and energy systems covers all aspects of electrical energy. Research in this field focuses on systems and devices for converting, delivering, and using energy in electrical form. Electrical energy is the foundation of the modern economy. If appropriately harnessed by electrical engineers, various forms of energy such as solar and wind will profoundly impact the global economy.


Nanotechnology is a field of research and innovation concerned with building materials, devices, etc., on the scale of atoms and molecules. Our researchers are working on nano-exposure assessment, where the focus is on developing methods for exposure technologies of ENMs. Sustainable nanotechnology is another area that our researchers venture into. Our researchers have been working hard to formulate approaches that make nanotechnology and its application safer for human use and the environment.

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy comes from natural sources and is constantly replenished. It is clean energy. Examples of renewable energy are wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower energy. Our researchers are designing equipment and optimizing processes that help the country shift from non-renewable to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Smart Grid Technology

Grid refers to a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers that deliver electricity from the power plant to homes and factories. Innovative Grid Technologies are autonomous systems that can solve problems quickly in available systems and targets sustainable, reliable, safe, and quality electricity to all consumers. Our researchers have been working to efficiently transmit electricity to all households and quickly restore electricity after power disturbances.

Power Electronics 

Power Electronics is the study of converting electrical power from one form to another. Our researchers have been working to ensure that power electronics focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy applications and systems.

All our faculty members and students are associated with at least one of the research above areas. The department has been trying its best to prepare students who can meet the requirements of this evolving and expanding branch of engineering.

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