B. Tech in Petrochem and Petroleum Refinery Engineering

Placement Opportunities (Scope)

Bachelor of Technology in Petrochemical and Petroleum refinery engineering is a specialised undergraduate course of four years divided into eight semesters. The course focuses on topics like Engineering Graphics, Petroleum refining, Petrochemical Engineering, Petroleum Geology and so on.

After successful completion of the course, graduates can find employment in several areas. Refinery jobs in both government owned and private refineries are available for skilful candidates. Government owned refineries like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Oil India Limited (OIL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), as well as private refineries like Reliance Petroleum Limited, Essar Oil Limited, etc. employ petrochemical and petroleum engineers. The graduates are recruited for areas like drilling, production, testing, and other areas.

Some Chemical industries like Fertilizer and Plastic industries also deal with oil and petroleum. They too have great demand for petroleum engineers. Some graduates may also find jobs as Product Testing Engineer, they check the quality of the product and ensure the proper functioning of the system. There is also a great demand for Material Engineer because of their ability to design and create new materials and processes that produce materials that can be useful for extraction purposes and ensure a better quantity and quality as well. Also, to a small extent, pharmaceutical sector also has demand for Petroleum engineers. This is due to the fact that some medicines make use of Petroleum and it’s related by products to an extent.

Graduates also have great chances of employment abroad, especially in Gulf countries. Many oil-producing countries offer better pay packages to both experienced as well as fresh candidates than they can earn in India.

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