B. Tech in Electrical Engineering

Placement Opportunities (Scope)

The Electrical Engineering market in India is expected to see extraordinary growth as the projection for ‘Net Electrical Engineering Market’ is USD 100 Billion. It is anticipated that the growth of generation equipment segment might reach up to Rs. 125,000 crore whereas T&D equipment segment will touch the figure of Rs. 375,000 crore. On the other hand, the partnership of Indian Electrical Engineering in global EE trade will increase to newer margins 2% by 2022,(it is very high by comparing with other sectors) which is currently hanging around 0.8%. The import rate is also expected to decrease by 7-8% due to continual advancements in Indian Electrical Engineering.

The aforesaid statistics shows that Indian Electrical Ecosystem is on the right path and the scope is all set to increase every day. As far as job opportunities are concerned, the report of Vision 2022 says that there will be direct recruitment of 1.5 million and indirect recruitment of 2 million electrical engineers. This initiative or vision is all about the ambitions and capabilities of the Indian electrical equipment industry.

Present global scenario is looking towards Renewable energies, clean energy, Smart grid, Hybrid electrical vehicles, smart cities, energy conservation approaches etc.,

Electrical engineering jobs represent about 25% of total available jobs in Engineering! The Present power generation capacity in India is very less and it is going to be increased 2 to 3 times within 5 years. Hence the Job opportunities in Power generation & transmission sector also will increase to 2 times.

In India 30 % of the government jobs are from Electrical Engineering sector only.

The latest trends of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine learning, Block chain Technology, Cyber security are customized as per the needs of Electrical Engineering and more number of job opportunities are available those who are expertise with the background of Electrical based specializations. Departments of EE & EEE, GIET University

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