We at GIET University, provides a magnificent and comprehensive range of facilities within the campus for our students. At GIET University there is a well-established system for optimum use of available research facilities and their regular maintenance. For this very purpose, a transparent SOP or Standard Operating Procedure is followed to have clarity about the respective sense of duties and responsibilities among the staff members. An effective distribution of work is carried out through the comprehensive system of committees to ensure that each and every staff is actively participating and an overall efficiency in carried out to perform varied tasks. The different teaching departments are in charge of taking care of the matters related to their respective fields. In addition to this, there are different committees that work independently for their allotted work under the supervision of the Principle. The work so distributed among the committee members and teaching faculty and staffs are well understood and there are unambiguous channels that supervises the college facilities for maintenance, utilization, upgradation and other vital requirements.


The classrooms at GIET University are an excellent place for learning and develop overall developmental skills. Each and every classroom is equipped with proper sitting arrangements, well-designed furnishings, power supply and LCD projector. The teaching and learning pedagogy practiced inside every classroom at our University is IT-enabled. The classrooms are designed to support a total strength of 200 students and the tutorial classes are designed for strength of over 30 students. We are delighted to inform that our university campus is fully LAN-enabled with a Learning Management System or LMS that allows students to discuss important academic topics, submit projects and assignments online, access the library digitally for academic research and download and upload class notes.

The classrooms are regularly upkeep and the cleaning staff ensures daily sweeping of the classrooms and even the cleaning of benches and boards.

E-learning room (Swayam/ MOOCs)

Along with the traditional mode of learning, E-learning rooms have also been developed to support students in their studies. We strive to promote and expand the use of e-learning all across the University to enhance the overall student experience. The focus throughout the leaning module is to ensure that our facilities can reflect excellence in teaching, research and learning that is expected of a world-class institution. We have adopted the use of state-of-art technological innovations which enables the university staff, members and community to realize their potential in academic excellence for a lifetime learning culture.


Library is one of the most crucial facilities that are frequently used by students and faculty members to support different learning and teaching needs. That’s why a prima facie separate block of library is built within the main building of the college. The university library consists of well stocked two stories book space, well equipped E-Resource Centre and an extended reading lounge for students and staffs to read their read comfortably. New books are added every year after getting recommendations from the concerned faculty members.


GIET University provides state of art laboratories and laboratory facilities to the teachers, students and staff to carry out learning, teaching and practical activities uninterrupted. There are separate labs for each department to carry our practical skills and learning which forms the core of our prescribed syllabus and pedagogy. Our libraries provide practical exposure to multiple subjects and give the students an opportunity to experiment with what they have been taught in the classrooms.

Seminar Rooms

There are multiple seminar rooms at the GIET University well equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities to act as a common ground for students and faculty member. The seminar rooms are extensively setup for conducting regular interfaces, guest lectures, conferences, presentations, cultural events, and other academic and co-curriculum activities. These seminar rooms are easily accessible and they provide an excellent environment to support learning and teaching with complete audio-visual support, sound and lighting clarity and stadium-style seating arrangements.

Computers and other ICT Facilities

A rich and vibrant infrastructure of computer labs and other ICT facilities throughout the college is provided for optimum exposure to students in the need of the hour. To provide a highly effective leading and research experience for students and staff we have facilitated a compulsory computer lab, English language lab, E-Research center in the library, computer science department lab, computer labs in the departments of economics, mathematics, physics and education etc. These are supported by various VPN broadband connections and there are also some key empowered committees to access, upgrade, maintain and modify computers and IT infrastructure of the University.

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