Department of Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering is the study of electricity and electronics. Electrical Engineers are involved in the distribution of energy in different devices. They concentrate on systems for generating and transmitting large electrical currents and converting them into other forms of energy.

The department of Electrical Engineering at GIET University has some of the most hardworking and dedicated faculty members. They constantly guide the students to pursue the best research work. Our faculty, students and researchers are engaged in research in areas of:

Signals, Communication and Networking

Our researchers have been researching aspects like signal acquisition, data representation, transmission, and processing, single and multi-user wireless point-to-point and network communications.

Energy Systems

Energy Systems Engineer oversee energy and distribution systems, manage efficient use of energy in buildings, industries etc., improve energy storage systems and so on.

Power and energy play an important role in today’s industrial society. The department of Electrical Engineering at GIET University is focused on aspects like the generation, storage, distribution of electric power. The department is focused on improving energy efficiency, power quality, demand-side management and so on.

Integrated Circuits

An integrated circuit is an electronic circuit formed on a piece of semiconducting material that can perform the same function as a larger circuit made from discrete components. Our researchers have been conducting important research in the applications, circuit design and energy management of integrated circuits.

Micro/Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems

Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems comprise tiny devices that are capable of realising functions that are not easily achievable via transistor devices.

The department of Electrical Engineering at GIET University has carried out important work in this field in the form of the study of physical sensors, chemical sensors, biosensors, micro-robotics, wireless sensor networks and so on.

Solid-State Electronics

Solid-State Electronics are electronic devices, components and systems that are based on semiconductors. The Integrated Circuit, the Light Emitting Diode (LED), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) are examples of Solid-State Electronics.

Our researchers have researched areas such as high performance, high speed, computer and communication networks and so on.

The faculty and students from the department of Electrical Engineering pursue important research work in these key areas in the field of Electrical Engineering. They have always focused on research work along with theoretical knowledge of the discipline to gain a better insight into this branch of engineering.

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