Bachelor of Computer Application ( BCA )

Innovative Teaching

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course at GIET University has a dedicated, qualified and experienced faculty and support staff. The goal of the faculty members is to make learning a fun, thrilling and engaging experience. To this end, they employ different pedagogical methods. The different innovative learning methods employed by the faculty to make learning interesting, fun and engaging are:

Reinforced Teaching Method and Student Centric Teaching

To break away from the conventional style of teaching, our faculty organises a tutorial class to be taken after the completion of every chapter. This technique of teaching gives students a boost for placement-based preparations. Along with the use of traditional methods of teaching. The focus is also on the use of innovative activities like symposiums, quizzes, etc. This makes for a better understanding of the subject at hand.

Tutorial and Group Discussion

Tutorials are a unique aspect of the educational experience. During tutorials and group discussions, students discuss individual topics with the faculty or in small groups. This enhances their understanding of the topic, improves their verbal communication skills as well as provides them with an opportunity to receive constant feedback. The faculty encourages and motivates the students to develop critical and analytical thinking as well as hone problem-solving skills. Brainstorming sessions in the tutorial help the students to see the significance and implications of their knowledge so they can apply what they have understood.

Model-Based Learning

To make sure that students understand the difficult topics with relative ease. Our faculty members may show a video presentation about the topic before the start of the class. This use of the visual model is a helpful and effective manner of learning. This method makes an impression on the students and helps them understand and retain the topic for longer periods.

Seminars and Workshops

The department regularly invites eminent scholars in the field to take seminars and workshops for the students. This is a great benefit for the students as along with fruitful interactions with them, the students also get an idea of the ongoing advancements in the field. Active participation in a workshop provides the students with new ideas and helps them to solve critical problems at hand.

Other than this, the department also meticulously plans and organises the teaching curriculum with inputs from academic scholars. This greatly benefits the teaching and learning community. Different methodologies are also used to enhance the learning experience. Some of the methods employed are experiential learning, participative learning and so on. The teaching-learning process is enhanced by the constructive feedback given to the faculty on their teaching methodology by the students.

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