B. Tech in Civil Engineering

Placement Opportunities (Scope)

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering. B.Tech. graduates in Civil Engineering conceive, design, build, supervise, maintain infrastructure projects such as roads, buildings, airports, ports, dams, bridges and many more. Civil Engineering as a course has always been in great demand as the need for skilled civil engineers never slows down. All countries across the globe are heading towards the path of industrialisation. So, there is a need for the building of infrastructure projects and structures to meet the needs of these countries. And with these, the demand for civil engineers has seen an upward trend.

Civil Engineers are hired in several sectors like construction firms, development boards, oil and energy companies, petroleum to chemical and power facilities and so on.

Listed below are certain job profiles for civil engineers:

Structural Engineer

Structural Engineers design, plan and supervise the construction of infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, and so on. They are responsible for creating structures in such a manner that they can withstand stress due to human use or natural disasters.

Site Engineer

Site engineers are part of the site management team. They are responsible for the safety, security, health, of the people working at a construction site. They also organise and supervise the whole operation.

Transportation Engineer

A Transportation Engineer is assigned with the design, building, and maintenance of transport systems and projects like railways, highways, etc.

Construction Engineer

Construction Engineers task is to plan, direct, supervise large scale construction projects. They are in charge of construction projects and they ensure that the project is safe, and everything is running smoothly.

Water Resources Engineer

Water Resources Engineer design and manage water resources for human uses. They work on projects like underground wells, spring wells, water treatment plants and so on.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers are tasked with projects related to environmental safety and protection. The job entails work like air pollution control system, water reclamation systems etc.

B.Tech. graduates in Civil Engineering can also opt for higher studies. The preferred choices are an MTech. in Civil Engineering and an MBA. Pursuing an MTech. and subsequently, a Ph.D. will help build a career in Research Sector or Academics. For those opting for an MBA in a specialisation of their choice too are preferred by various organisations and companies.

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