B. Tech in Civil Engineering

Innovative Teaching

The Civil Engineering Department of GIET University has a dedicated and hardworking faculty who use a “blended approach” to teach the curriculum to the students. This includes classroom teaching coupled with advanced upcoming trends, application-based pedagogy, continuous assessment, feedback mechanism from students and improvisation of teaching methods. The different innovative teaching methods applied by the faculty include:

  1. Lecture Method and Interactive Learning
  • The faculty make use of audio-visual aids to enhance the learning experience
  • Students are motivated to clarify their doubts during the lecture hour itself.
  • During the lecture hour, the initial few minutes are used for revising previously taught topics. The last few minutes are similarly used to give a summary of the current class.
  • Concept oriented activities are conducted in the classroom with the participation of students.
  1. Application-Based Learning
  • Students are encouraged to attend workshops on application-based learning. Interested students develop projects after completing the workshop.
  • Students are encouraged to an internship in an industry of their choice.
  • Students are taken to industrial visits at least once a semester to see the real-time operation of different companies, organisations.
  1. Practical Learning
  • Practical exercises are taught in the laboratory
  • Virtual laboratory exercises are assigned to the students
  • In addition to the experiments provided in the curriculum, students are instructed to practice additional experiments which are suggested by the faculty.
  • Civil software like AutoCAD 2D and 3D, STAAD, REVIT Architecture is used by the students. Laboratory work is carried out to develop an understanding of the properties of materials, in terms of their structure, use in the construction industry and methods of performance testing. Students also assess the physical and chemical properties of different materials.
  • The laboratory has charts on display through which the students gain a basic idea about different types of equipment such as Universal Testing Machine, Theodolite, Elongation and Flakiness index and different software packages.
  1. Other Innovative Teaching methods adopted by the faculty

Real-Time Demonstration: Models are displayed in laboratories through which the students can see the models of Retaining wall, Suspension cable bridges, Multi-storied buildings, etc.

ISRO Projects: Students are encouraged and guided by faculty members to do the real time projects like Asset Mapping of various regions. These projects are funded by ISRO.

Online courses: Online courses are being conducted through various online courses and google classrooms so that students can post and clear their doubts at any time without hesitation and can download course materials.

College automation software:  Each student is provided with a personal login to take placement training and its assessment.

Other than this innovative and creative teaching methods, the focus of the department is also on the all-round development of the students. To that end, guest lectures and seminars are arranged from some of the best industrial and corporate professionals so that students get an idea of the actual working environment. The department also conducts student visits to reputed industries which acquaints them with the processes and practices of modern industry. This helps students to develop an understanding of the practices followed in modern industries.

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