Innovation and Incubation

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity and not a threat.

The Innovation & Incubation center of GIET University is proactively involved in establishing and developing the paradigm of the students’ entrepreneurial mindset and the people alike. It strives to offer an environment where like-minded individuals can ideate, create, communicate, and commercialize the entrepreneurial ventures that align with the incubation center’s principles.

GIETU, with its advanced center for innovative and technical expertise, offers a profound opportunity to ideate and nurture them. GIET University not only encourages individuals but also paves the way towards a proactive entrepreneurial capacity. From the moment one steps into GIETU, one experiences the scope for innovation. GIET University creates a world in itself full of future entrepreneurs by extending extensive resources and support. It aims to broaden studies by pushing boundaries. Entrepreneurial minds get the advantage of innovative labs and easy access to faculties who are ever-ready to help and tap high potential in fabricating startups by bringing together the community as a whole.

GIETU Incubation and Innovation department nurtures innovation, research techniques, and entrepreneurial activities of individuals and students in technology-based areas. It offers an enriched platform for budding entrepreneurs to transform and shape their innovative ideas into commercially viable and replicable products. GIET University also brings to the table exclusive patenting and commercialization services with advanced R&D in place and specialist mentorship for research and innovation. GIET allows for a more remarkable invigoration of stepping into emerging startups or creating one. With the world of opportunities here at GIETU, one always experiences newness and inflow of ideas for the students.

The Innovation and Incubation section of GIETU is one of the fast-developing sections in the Technology Business among all incubators of university-level institutions across India. Budding entrepreneurs get a chance to co-working with like-minded individuals and get office space, research labs, fully mentoring support, and efficient networking that helps them in all aspects. The Innovation and Incubation section at GIETU is also open for incubation ideas and concepts from external entrepreneurs. It strives to promote the culture and space of entrepreneurship within the campus and beyond.


To promote and emerge as a center that nurtures startup culture at and beyond the institute. GIETU also strives to bridge the gap between industries and academia by offering a conducive environment so that technological innovations emerge and establish proactively with concrete ideas for the future. The Innovation & Incubation section in GIETU aims to grow as one of India’s leading and efficient Technology-based Incubators.

Primary Functions

  • To offer facilities, space, office working tools, and technological assistance to incubates and entrepreneurs.
  • To incubate the budding startups by providing them a positive and fruitful environment and mentorship.
  • To organize prioritized technological events that would promote entrepreneurial skills among the students and the GIETU faculty.
  • To create a collaborative and conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem on the campus and beyond.
  • To build the academia-industry bridge and nurture it for innovations in the field of science and technology.
  • To encourage, promote, and engage the alumni students in entrepreneurial activities across the globe.
  • To facilitate the efficient transfer of technology and ideas and also protect intellectual property at the campus.

Ideate the entrepreneurial ideas and give wings to the dream start-up with GIET University!

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