International Students Affairs Cell

GIETU has emerged as the top choice educational institution for several Non-residential Indians, Foreign Nationals (FN), Person of Indian Origin (PIO), and “Children of Indian Worker in the Gulf Countries.” We have students from countries like Nepal, Sudan, Sudan, and Vietnam. The International Students Affairs Cell came into being to motivate and encourage international students to pool into GIET University and ensure that their stay becomes an enriching experience.

The Cell acts as a one-stop-shop to address any issue that international students may face during their stay at the University. It acts as a guide to the international student and deals with several issues related to:

  • Issues of admissions: offer letters for provisional admissions, bonafide certificates, medical fitness examination, maintaining lawful status, an extension of stay, transfer of school/programs, and addressing any other academic or administrative hurdles that an international student may face.
  • The Cell also conducts briefing and orientation sessions for international students to familiarize themselves with the University and its rules. The Cell makes sure that international students have adjusted to life at GIETU, helping them cope with issues like homesickness, social and cultural adjustment.
  • It advises the students regarding any educational, administrative, accommodation-related problems they may face at the University. It also disseminates important information through notices.
  • The Cell considers it a duty to make sure that international students feel comfortable and safe during their stay at the University. So, the Cell is always available to help these students, offering them free personalized advice and information about all aspects of academic life.
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