Medical Facilities


GIET University has a medical facility right on the university campus with full-time MBBS doctors and Homoeopathic Physicians. The dispensary, right from its inception, is dedicated to providing comprehensive health care, i.e., both preventive and curative healthcare, not just to the students but also to all the university employees.

Doctors of the dispensary provide primary health care. Students can walk-in for a consultation or treatment. Homeopathic Physician provides services in the Homoeopathic system of medicine. The dispensary has facilities for providing first aid, medicines for fever, cough, and other preventable diseases. It can also provide stretchers, wheelchairs, and beds. Apart from this, the dispensary is supported by its pathology laboratory and ambulances.

The Laboratory provides a spectrum of regularly available tests. The dispensary can also provide referral services to public hospitals for specialized treatment or other services which the facility does not cover. Ambulance and Patient Transport Vehicle is also available at the facility 24×7. Medicines are provided free of cost to students, and routine tests are carried out at a subsidized rate.

In case of emergencies, if the facility is closed, one can consult the doctors at their residence within the University campus. Other than this, the dispensary regularly organizes in-campus camps to spread health awareness among all students and staff members.

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