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Master of Science (M.Sc.) is a two-year duration course. The M.Sc. degree provides the students with scientific as well as professional competency. In addition to enhanced career prospects, students who pursue a M.Sc. degree develop a much better grasp of the subject. After completing the degree, students are also eligible to pursue research in their field of study. The M.Sc. degree is a prerequisite if a student wants to do a Ph.D.

GIET University has a Master’s program in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Life Sciences, and Biotechnology.

M.Sc. Physics is a sought-after and comprehensive course. Students who have enrolled in this branch of study learn about various topics related to Classical Physics, Matter, Astrophysics, Electronics, and Geophysics, among others. The program’s prime objective is to help the students understand the concepts of Pure Physics and understand its application in everyday life. It is a great field to pursue if one is interested in further research. The subject has a great scope with students getting employment in various fields like Medical Physics Facilities, High-Tech Industries, Medical Research Laboratories, Defence Services, Aerospace sectors, Environment Protection Companies, and Nuclear Energy Research Centres.

M.Sc. Chemistry is a course designed for students who wish to better insight into chemical reactions and the chemical composition of substances. The program includes topics like Organic Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Material Science, and Medical Chemistry. A Master’s degree holder in Chemistry can get employment as Research Scientist, Quality Manager, Operations Manager, and Quality Control Inspector, among others.

M.Sc. Mathematics offers courses ranging from Pure Algebra to Mathematical Programming to Fluid Dynamics. The program also comprises training in modern computing facilities and numerical computations. Students gain extensive knowledge of the fundamental principles of mathematics and the application of mathematical principles in everyday life. Students get employment as External Auditor, Information Scientist, Market Researcher, and Professor.

M.Sc. Life Sciences is a science field that comprises living organisms’ scientific study like plants, animals, and human beings. The program is a study of living beings at all levels. Students can specialize in different areas like Chemistry, Computational and System Biology, Developmental Biology, and Tissue Engineering. Some common employment areas for a post-graduate in Life Sciences are Medical Laboratories, Biotechnology Firms, and Medical Research Institutes, Wildlife, and fisheries departments.

M.Sc. Biotechnology combines the disciplines of Biology and Chemistry along with the principles of design and engineering. Students study Genetics, Microbiology, Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, and so on. A post-graduate in Biotechnology can work in various fields like pharmaceutical, medical design, biofuel production, genetic engineering, industrial biotechnology systems, etc.

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