Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Agribusiness


Agribusiness is emerging as a popular choice among students to tape the benefits of this sector. India is primarily a rural economy with a dependence on agriculture and the allied industries. In 2018, agriculture employed more than 50% of the workforce. Agriculture and allied sectors like fisheries and animal husbandry accounted for around 15% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). India ranks second in the world in terms of agricultural output. Even in 2021, agriculture continues to be the mainstay of the Indian economy.

The Agribusiness course’s goal is to create well-qualified and trained professionals to cater to the various needs of the agribusiness sector. It incorporates developing, sourcing, assembling, marketing, and distributing food across regions and countries.


  • Agriculture management principles and values
  • Rural marketing
  • Agribusiness marketing management
  • Entrepreneurship and project management
  • Feed businesses management
  • Food technology and processing management


  • To create business leaders and entrepreneurs in the food and agribusiness sector.
  • To develop students into competent professionals with skills, knowledge, and attitude to develop India’s agriculture and allied sectors.
  • To make agriculture a profitable business not just for a handful of people but all the stakeholders involved with this sector.
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