Hostel Facilities


Serving as a home for thousands, the hostels at GIETU have been an emotional space to many over the years. It is where students make a family of their own for a lifetime, is their “Home Away From Home.” Along with the emotional cushion that the hostels provide, GIETU gives a range of options; GIETU hostels with the capacity of 4000+ boarders located on GIETU campus for both Boys & Girls.

  • Each hostel has in-house lecturer-superintendents (a unique feature) besides Matrons, Welfare Officers, and caretakers.
  • All the Hostels are Wi-Fi enabled and have Generator Backup.
  • Emphasis is laid on hygiene and healthy living. A customized food menu caters to the student’s needs, and it keeps changing according to the season and tastes of the residents.
  • Hostels have a well-equipped steam cook kitchen and massive dining area where 1,500 students can have food at a time.
  • Round-the-clock security, communication, dispensary facilities with 24 hrs ambulance, doctor, and in-campus Pathology Lab for the students.
  • Every hostel has all the amenities for a comfortable stay, with water purifiers and daily newspapers.
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