GIET University believes that both mental and physical health is necessary for success in life. Physical activity is essential for having a sound body along with a sound mind. In tune with the objective of all-round development of the students, the GIET University campus is equipped with an in-house gymnasium.

It is an ultra-modern 16 stage gym station. It is a spacious multi gym with a highly experienced trainer who is available at the “student centre” to keep students fit throughout the year. The gym is well equipped with all the modern exercising equipment such as Treadmills, Upright Bike, Recumbent Bike, Elliptical Cross Trainer, Glide, Spin Bike, Stair Climber, Life Fitness Cardio, Nautilus and Stair Master to name a few.

All students have access to the gymnasium to work out daily as per their schedule. Students are divided into different groups and time slots are specified for all the groups to maintain discipline.  A gymnasium is a great place for the students to build strength, burn fat and improve general fitness. Physical exertion also helps condition their mind and helps the students focus better on their studies.

GIET University has stood as the forerunner of various sports disciplines and as such has always stressed on the importance of maintaining physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. For this, the gymnasium is a perfect place to shape the body and maintain a fit health. The gymnasium is visited by students, staff and administrative members regularly to work-out and to maintain healthy body-mind coordination. A perfect work-out is what necessary for a balanced body and mind.

Objectives of Gymnasium:

  • To develop a healthy body-mind coordination and to boost the self-esteem of students. Workouts are also recommended to help the students to cope with stressful and tough situations.
  • To help the students get over with any consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle and to regulate the body to maintaining a proper balanced diet and lifestyle.
  • To maintain and enhance the fitness of each student and staff of the University.
  • To help the staff and students learn and understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • To enhance the cognitive skills of the students, their body stamina and physical endurance capacity. Gymnasium workouts aim to build confidence in the students and to divert them from indulging in ill-effects of activities like smoking, drinking, intake of drugs, unprotected sex, STDs and junk food.
  • To incorporate discipline into their lifestyle and routine.
  • To nurture a healthy environment across the University campus.
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