M.Sc in Physics


Physics is a dimension wherein students understand how things work. Physics reveals the beauty of the universe. Its scope varies from the study of subatomic particles to the study of the cosmos. In short, the scope of Physics is extremely wide. Studying Physics strengthens one’s reasoning and problem-solving skills. A post-graduate in the discipline in his career may focus on a variety of topics.

M.Sc. Physics is a sought-after and comprehensive course. Students who have enrolled in this branch of study learn about various topics related to Classical Physics, Matter, Astrophysics, Electronics, and Geophysics, among others. The program’s prime objective is to help the students understand the concepts of Pure Physics and understand its application in everyday life. It is a great field to pursue if one is interested in further research. The subject has a great scope with students getting employment in various fields like Medical Physics Facilities, High-Tech Industries, Medical Research Laboratories, Defence Services, Aerospace sectors, Environment Protection Companies, and Nuclear Energy Research Centres.


  • Astrophysics
  • Cosmology
  • Particle Physics
  • Quantum Information Science
  • Medical Physics
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Optical Fibre
  • Available Course Intake
    M.sc In Physics 24


    M.Sc in Physics

    All candidates need to possess a bachelor’s degree in Science from a recognised college/ university. Minimum marks that candidates need to secure in graduation in order to be eligible for an MSc course is usually 50 – 60%. However, the required percentage might change depending on the policy of a university or institute in which a candidate is applying


  • To emphasize the role of Physics in everyday life and develop an interest of the students towards the discipline.
  • To develop the student’s ability to conduct, observe and analyze an experiment.
  • To provide the students with practical knowledge of the subject.
  • To encourage original research and innovative work.
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