M.Sc in Biotechnology


Dept Sl. No School Department Name of the Faculty Gender Designation Qualification Experience Date of Joining
1 SOS M.Sc. (Biotech) DR. S. JAMI NAIDU M Professor Ph.D 37 17.07.2017
2 SOS M.Sc. (Biotech) DR. KABITA TRIPATHY F Associate Professor Ph.D 11 01.02.2021
3 SOS M.Sc. (Biotech) MR. SASWAT HOTA M Assistant Professor M.Tech 3 10.01.2018
4 SOS M.Sc. (Biotech) MR. HIMANSU SEKHAR DAS M Assistant Professor M.Tech. 4 08.01.2018
5 SOS M.Sc. (Biotech) MRS. RAINA RANI PATNAIK F Assistant Professor M.Sc. , M.Phil 8 01.04.2018
6 SOS M.Sc. (Biotech) MS. SMRUTIPARNA NAYAK F Assistant Professor M.Sc. 1 18.07.2020
7 SOS M.Sc. (Biotech) DR. S. MAITY Assistant Professor Ph.D 5 01.04.2022
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