M.A. in Education


If the goal of any student is to pursue a career in the improvement of India’s education sector, then a study of Education is exactly what they need. The number of professionals in India’s education sector is grossly inadequate to meet its growing demands. India needs a committed and capable workforce that can deal with the complexity of issues that ails public education in the country. Education course syllabus with its revised aspects focuses on a strong connection between school subject content and the actual ground realities. There is also a focus on field engagement where the students will get a chance to understand the actual problems of the public education system in India. Education includes the primary aspects of:

  • Curriculum
  • Teaching Methods
  • Teaching Principles
  • Student Behaviour
  • Education theories
  • Available Course Intake
    Education (M.A) 30


  • M.A. in Education

    As a minimum criterion of eligibility, aspiring candidates are needed to have attained a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, with a minimum aggregate score of 50%.


The objectives of Education include:

  • To create teachers and educators with sound knowledge base
  • To develop professional skills and empathetic understanding
  • To create professionals who can make a meaningful contribution to India’s education sector
  • To solve the problems faced by prospective teachers in the use of information and communication (ICT) technology within the classroom.
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