M.A. in Economics


Economics is a dimension wherein students learn how societies, households, governments and individuals allocate scarce resources and how they interact with each other in producing and maintaining livelihoods. Studying economics helps students develop problem-solving skills, hone communication and persuasion skills. In today’s job market these skills are critical. The deep insights of economists in customer behaviour, business strategy and the volatile market can help the business make the right or the least risky decisions. Skilled economists are in heavy demand across all sectors. Economics includes the primary aspects of:

  • Economic theory
  • Data Analysis
  • Modern economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Available Course Intake
    Economics (M.A) 30


  • M.A. in Economics

    Applicants appearing for their Under Graduate class final board examinations from any of the following boards: Arts, Science, Commerce, etc.


The objectives of Economics course include:

  • Provide students the opportunity to be trained with highly qualified professors.
  • Economics course is designed in a way to train and well groom the students and make them highly employable in today’s corporate world.
  • To place students successfully in attractive corporate jobs.
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