Sign To Speech Converter (Smart Gloves)

(This start-up has received 2 Lakhs Funding Grant through SAMARIDHI SCHEME)

Old age senior citizens, partially paralyzed people and People with speech impairment find it difficult to communicate in a society where most of the people do not understand sign language. This Gloves contains twelve touch points through which different kinds of instructions can be passed to Android app which will be further spoken. Thereby as per the requirement different instructions can be conveyed to people. So here different positions can be converted to speech output. The glove is embedded with touch points to recognize the position. Further we are working on flex sensors and Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU) to recognize gestures. The prototype will be further tested for its feasibility in converting Indian Sign Language to voice output. Though the glove is intended for sign language to speech conversion, it is a multipurpose glove and finds its applications in gaming, robotics and medical field.

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