GIETU Canteen

The canteen is one of the most happening places inside the campus of GIET University. Our canteen is famous among students for its savory food but it is also the place where they make some of the best memories of university life. It is an open arena for debating sessions of different issues, cracking jokes, having lots of fun and gossiping over a cup of tea or coffee or coke with some snacks or namkeen in between as gap fillers.

The university canteen at GIET University has a spacious canteen facility. A variety of non veg and veg food, South Indian snacks and food items are served to the students and faculty members of the university with highest quality.

The objective of the Canteen and meal serving at our University is to protect the students and teachers by reducing the risk of food borne illness and diseases with proper sanitary conditions and preventing adulterated food.

The University Canteen has been functioning efficiently since its foundation. The canteen is located inside the heart of the college and the hostellers and day scholars are provided with meals keeping in mind the quality of food and safety.

The Management of the Canteen is under the direct supervision of the University Administration. The contractor of the canteen is selected on the basis of available and suitable quotations. A well laid out menu is comprehended by the assigned team of Management and instructions are given to the conductor on that basis. The Contact of the Canteen with the University is renewed every year. Periodical meetings are conducted by the team of Management and the Contractor in order to appraise the function of the Canteen and to have discussion on important topics such as liberalization of food trade, physical set up, sanitation and hygiene, consumer demand etc. are covered in these appraisals. Suggestions, problems with the food and its quality, complaints are also taken into due consideration.

The University has its own mineral water (RO) plant inside the campus. The entire university is supplied with mineral water from this plant. The canteen and its surroundings are always kept clean. GIET University does not permit the use of plastic bags less than 10 microns inside its campus.

The management of the canteen is fully committed to their duty of keeping the quality of the canteen for the utmost benefits of the students, faculty and staff members.

At first glance, the modest university canteen may be overlooked. However, upon reflective thinking, the canteen is one of the essential aspects of University life. It is why we’ve established a well-stocked canteen for the hungry souls. Canteens at GIETU accommodate special dietary needs for some staff and students and provide high-quality food and beverages. Our canteens help students develop and learn and provide proper nutrition to fuel visitors for motivation and energy. The food is nutritious, and there is the assurance of no diseases associated with poor diets. In addition, our administrators, school canteen advisory boards, and canteen staff put systems to enforce waiting time and good conduct in the canteen.

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