Academic Quality and Standards

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’

GIET University offers unmatched student exposure in an academic, social and professional environment. It strives forward with a driving commitment to achieving heights in academic excellence. The University meets its vision and mission through its academic quality and standards and imbibes the policies by serving the society through its technology, management, and science courses.

GIETU’s coveted practices aim to make quality and standard of education a priority. The University imparts social and environmental skills to promote a better society. The active participation and involvement of teacher-students have seen positive results— the results that portray learning, research, student’s progression, and success rates. The educators’ regular investment to track progress, counsel and support students has created a fruitful situation for both. It also encourages and prepares the students to uptake new risks and opportunities in the future.

At the heart of GIETU are methods of innovation, technology, collaboration, and exploration. The University always adopts new ways like social media and digital tools to encourage active and creative learning. Its online teaching enriches the student’s opportunity by sharing free content. GEITU also collaborates with interested learners outside the University. GIET University strives for excellence in all activities, services, teaching and learning processes, student and staff support, research and development, governance, and administration. Excellence in quality at GIETU is the primary responsibility!

GIETU has an efficient quality improvement approach that includes ‘Plan, Act, Review and Improve’. This approach is to bring continuous improvement across the academic and operational functions. The University highlights its commitment to continuous improvement by:

  • Planning and budget processes, performance reporting methods. These methods measure the performance at all aspects on a scale of crucial indicators.
  • Periodical reviews of academic departments, policies, and courses
  • Conducting thorough student, graduate, and stakeholder surveys. these surveys aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning experience
  • Regular monitoring and analyzing student learning progress across all teaching units
  • Regular internal-external audits and reviews.

GIETU strives forward with a primary focus of catering quality knowledge to all its students. This GEITU aims through its center, initiatives, and exchange programs. It further prepares the students to face and meet the needs of the outside world. With flexible courses to meet the student community’s interests, GEITU regularly updates itself with national and global affiliations. These affiliations adhere to the IITs, NITs, Central universities, defense research institutes, emerging MNCs, and industrial policies. The diversity of courses offered includes UG, PG, Pre-PhD, and various other curricular areas with AICTE and UGC approvals.

The courses polish the much-needed skills, knowledge base, boost adaptability, and imbibe an enhanced business sense in the students. It also increases the chances of employability and resistance. Quality educators follow the responsibility to enhance progressive teaching and learning methods. GIETU introduces technological opportunities for the faculty and new learning methods of students.

The academic quality advisors at GIETU guide the students to make them ready to encounter difficulties in the future. It helps the students to master and owns the art of grasping opportunities with co-curricular achievements. The students stand out as cohorts of a fruitful academic experience. With diverse modules for incorporating an interactive pedagogy, critical thinking, and case study analysis manifolds an enriching experience and fosters a sense of involvement and belongingness in the students. These broad initiatives are available in all centers and programs of GIETU.

GIETU developed the Quality & Standards Framework to ensure high-quality results for the GIETians. The framework aligns with the Higher Education Standards.

Academic Quality and Standards Unit

This unit in the University manages University-level processes aligned to:

  • Course management and review,
  • Qualitative learning and teaching,
  • Academic policies review and enhancement,
  • Evaluation of subject and teacher, and
  • Review of appeals made by student academic complaints.

GIETU imparts administrative support for the University Education Committee and the various subcommittees. The unit also offers expert advice on Higher Education Standards and Education Services for Abroad Students.

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