Smart and Simple tips to avoid Tech Exhaustion

Smart and Simple tips to avoid Tech Exhaustion

by GIETU  |  May 31, 2022
Smart and Simple tips to avoid Tech Exhaustion

Being familiar with tech and gizmos to make your tasks easier and sophisticated takes a toll on one’s mental health. And why not? Juggling multiple tasks with the aid of technology has rather made us all couch potatoes, subservient to machines and exhausting us from the inside.

Are We Technologically Enhanced or Technologically Exhausted?

There’s a fine line between being technologically enhanced and technologically exhausted, and many of us have crossed it in the last two years. Because of the pandemic, many were under pressure to master many technological tools in record time.

The active community were inundated with webinars, almost to the point of losing oneself and their pedagogy in a sea of must-have tools and must-follow practises, which are now adrift.

In search of a fast and helpful tech tool, one has become technologically exhausted that their personal and professional lives have become intertwined, causing chaos in their work.

How can we develop a more positive, less exhausting relationship with technology?

Sharing excerpts and observations made by multiple people who have or are undergoing technological exhaustion, one can come out of this dilemma by following a few simple tips.

Shift attention away from tools. Our tools should support instruction rather than be subservient to it. Not what one can do with technology, but how technology can be beneficial and work, is the question.  Yes, it’s true, we are the creators of our technologies, but we shouldn’t also forget that we are the masters of our creators, not their servants.

Put an end to multitasking. Multitasking is a myth. We cannot concentrate on multiple tasks that require real brainpower. And attempting to do so risks jeopardising your mental health. It may appear that you are successfully managing all of these moving parts, but switching between tasks makes it more difficult to complete tasks completely.

Take more rest breaks. One of my favourite ways to work smarter is to take breaks. Without proper breaks, our brains become tired and distracted and not to forget – Technology Exhausted.

Work smart always, and not hard if you wish to avoid technology exhaustion. Group similar tasks together. Because you’re shuffling between different types of work, batching similar tasks can help you be more efficient.  It is especially beneficial for small tasks because you can complete many of them simultaneously.

Bring peace to your mind. Shut off notifications. One can also set aside time for things that distract you, such as answering text messages or checking your social media feed.

You can even group small tasks and complete them between meetings.

Plan the tasks as per your energy levels. When planning our work, we often overlook our energy levels, but they play a significant role in productivity. Everyone’s energy levels fluctuate because we each have our internal body clock, a circadian rhythm.

Reduce your to-do list. A shorter to-do list is less daunting and more attainable. There’s nothing wrong with having a short to-do list if you’re doing real work. Begin with the Most Important Tasks (MITs) and keep it to three items.

De-clutter your technology exhaustion and go the traditional way– Use a pen and paper instead. It’s easier to get engrossed in tools and apps for managing our workload. To regain your focus, go back to basics with a pen and paper and jot down a list of important tasks.  Also, while taking notes during a presentation, consider using pen and paper. This way, you will be less distracted by the constant pings of notifications.

Keep track of your time and evaluate your output. If you’re not sure where or how you’re wasting time, try keeping track of everything you do for a few days. You can dedicate more time to more productive work involving your physical body rather than typing commands on your widgets.

The first step begins with you, not with technology

Humans gave birth to technology and now are complaining of technology exhaustion. The clutter amounting to technology has added more stress and anxiety to an already disorderly world, which has become a servant to its creation.

Radically avoiding technology altogether might be a daunting task as it has already seeped deep into our daily lives. One can work smarter rather than harder to avoid being knitted into the cycle of technology exhaustion. One’s health and mental being is the foremost treasure than indulging in tech luxuries that are temporary happiness and man’s nuisance.

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