Increase in Non-Traditional courses in Indian Universities

Increase in Non-Traditional courses in Indian Universities

by GIETU  |  February 4, 2023
Increase in Non-Traditional courses in Indian Universities

Indian students are no longer required to go the traditional route. The generation of today doesn’t hesitate to walk untrodden paths. The new world is eclipsing the old one and taking its place.

Here is a list of unique courses provided by Indian universities that you might want to consider taking if you recently graduated from college/school and you do not want to drag it out studying a topic that has grown boring for you:

  1. Ethical Hacking

In contrast to hacking, a phrase that generally causes consternation, ethical hacking is a respectable employment option for someone with a passion for computer programming languages and the online world.

Ethical hacking is a technique for locating vulnerabilities in computer networks and systems in order to create defences against them. In the modern setting, the topic of ethical hacking has gained significant importance and may assist both individuals and companies in adopting safe usage procedures for their IT infrastructure.

The course will cover numerous threats and weaknesses as well as strategies to prevent them, starting with the fundamentals like networking, network security, and cryptography.

  1. Mechatronics

Students’ interest in the relatively new engineering field of mechatronics has increased recently. It is at the nexus of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering, according to the Stanford University website.

Graduates with a degree in AI and expert systems, automation and robotics, computer integrated manufacturing systems, sensing and control systems, or transportation and vehicular systems might seek for employment prospects after completing their programme. Few Indian Universities presently offer this subject at the undergraduate and graduate levels because it is a specialist topic.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

A branch of computer science called artificial intelligence seeks to develop novel technologies that will eventually reduce the need for human labour. Many people are choosing to pursue careers in artificial intelligence because it offers exciting chances and good future prospects.

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly developing technology that has become a fundamental component of every industry. The graduate-level courses for this specialisation in artificial intelligence, whether they are offered in India or anywhere else in the world, seek to teach the fundamentals of computer science, such as algorithms and coding. You will also learn about engineering mathematics, robotics, and theories from cognitive science while you study this area.

  1. Fishery Science

A fisheries course for students in India that focuses on fish management, harvesting, commercialization, and conservation is the bachelor of fisheries science, or B.F.Sc. It is an interdisciplinary course that includes a biological investigation of the development and life cycles of many fish species.

Students who successfully complete the B.F.Sc. programme are qualified to pursue a career in fisheries science. Because fisheries is a less saturated industry than other industries, B.F.Sc. graduates have high employment chances in this industry.

  1. Automation

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and automation has already begun to have a significant influence on business. Whether in manufacturing, the automobile industry, or retail, practically every sector is now substantially investing in automating laborious, repetitive, and hazardous operations.

There is an increasing need for automation specialists as conventional employment responsibilities change. This explains why many overseas students are increasingly gravitating toward studies in automation.

  1. Photonics

The scientific field of photonics examines the characteristics and propagation of photons. Understanding the properties of light, the creation of lasers and optical systems, optical communication and measurement, microscopy techniques, etc. are all covered in this course. Several institutions offer courses in photonics in India. This course could simply be the best career choice for those physics fans who are particularly intrigued by the idea of photons.

  1. Public health Entomology

The field of public health entomology investigates how people’s health and well-being are affected by insects and other similar species. It is a scientific course that calls for proficiency in both biology and chemistry as well as an interest in those two subjects. To find a solution for the deadly diseases they produce, the subject examines the lives and behavioural patterns of many animals.

  1. Gerontology

Gerontology is the complete and scientific study of ageing, including the ageing process, issues that arise as people age, and the psychological and social effects of aging.

A one-year postgraduate diploma programme in gerontology and age management is offered by the Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology. After completing this degree, students might obtain employment with NGOs, nursing homes, hospitals, and research institutes.

  1. Rural Studies

This course is for you if you’re curious to learn more about the intricate workings of our economy’s rural sector. It is provided by a number of colleges and universities in India. This course’s content includes material on farm management, rural banking and credit, and community development.

You may be able to get employment through this course at governmental and research institutions both domestically and overseas.

  1. Astrobiology

The origin, development, and dispersion of extra-terrestrial life are the subjects of astrobiology. The IARC, which has its headquarters in Mumbai, provides both domestic and foreign students with access to this course through an online platform. Through partnerships with several UN agencies, it supports international internships and externships in this field of study.

Final Words

Along with these courses, additional interdisciplinary ones like geophysics, marine engineering, and game development are luring students. Although most students still choose to follow a secure professional route, unorthodox courses are gaining popularity in India. And with the New Year only a few days away, it’s anticipated that this change in their public persona will become more noticeable soon.

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