B.Sc in Nursing

Innovative Teaching

The instructors and support personnel for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing programme at GIET University are committed, knowledgeable, and experienced. The faculty members aim to make learning exciting, entertaining, and engaging. They use a variety of instructional techniques to achieve this. The faculty uses these cutting-edge teaching strategies to make learning interesting, enjoyable, and engaging:

Personalized Learning

Each student receives individualized instruction that adjusts what, when, and how we educate them. Teachers adjust to each student’s strengths to help them succeed rather than using a single approach or plan to educate the entire class. The personalized learning experience is similar to how we use various internet tools, where algorithms customize them to our preferences. Although each student’s personalized learning journey is unique, the ultimate objective is topic mastery or attaining grade-level criteria.


Getting feedback is crucial. Both accepting and providing constructive criticism are skills that students need to develop. We provide students with a method for offering comments. Teachers challenge or ask students to elaborate on their input before asking other students with opposite views to explain why they do.

Active Learning

Students are encouraged to contribute, engage, research, and create by using active learning techniques. Students are tested via active learning, which necessitates problem-solving and critical thinking. The main benefit of active learning is that it keeps pupils interested and involved in the lesson. Participating in their education increases students’ chances of doing well in class.

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