B.Sc in Nursing


Programme Outcomes:

  • According to national health policies and initiatives, students can offer health services that are promotional, preventative, curative, and restorative.
  • Students will use the most recent trends and technology to deliver high-quality healthcare and will have the ability to think critically in all decision-making circumstances.
  • Students will understand the need for lifelong learning for their professional and personal development.
  • Through system effectiveness and individual performance, students can reduce the risk of injury to patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Students will be able to work well in multidisciplinary and nursing teams to deliver high-quality patient care.

Who should enrol in a BSc nursing programme?

  • The BSc Nursing Course is available to those who want to work in the medical field.
  • Candidates who want to work as nurses, midwives, or assistants in society must enrol in this course.
  • Candidates can also enrol in the BSc Nursing programme if they have compassion for helping patients and helping medical professionals treat them.
  • With 80% of nurses being female, the nursing profession is dominated by women and offers fantastic prospects for female BSc Nursing students.
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