B.Sc Agriculture

Value Added Courses

First Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit  Hours
AG-111 Fundamentals of Agronomy 4(3+1)
AG-112 Agricultural  Heritage-* 1(1+0)*
AC-111 Fundamentals of Soil Science 3(2+1)
AE-111 Fundamentals of Agricultural  Economics 2(2+0)
HORT-111 Fundamentals of Horticulture- 2(1+1)
FO-111 Introduction to Forestry 2(1+1)
EE-111 Fundamentals of Agricultural  Extension Education 3(2+1)
PP-111 Fundamentals of Crop Physiology 2(1+1)
SE-111 Comprehension  & Communication  skills in English 2(1+1)
BB/EM-111 Introductory  Biology / Elementary  Mathematics-* 2(1+1)*/2(2+0)*
NSS/NCC/PE-111 NSS/NCC/Yoga** 2(0+2)**
Total 20(13+7)
* “R” Remedial Course, **Non-Gradial Course,  


Second  Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit  Hours
AG-123 Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change 2(1+1)
PBG-121 Fundamentals of Genetics 3(2+1)
AC-122 Agricultural  Microbiology 2(1+1)
ENT-121 Fundamentals of Entomology 4(3+1)
SWE(Ag)-121 Soil & Water Conservation Engineering 2(1+1)
PPT-121 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology 3(2+1)
ABT-121 Fundamentals of Plant Biotechnology 2(1+1)
HORT-122 Production  Technology  for Fruits & Plantation Crops 2(1+1)
AS-121 Statistical Methods 3(2+1)
EE-122 Human Values & Ethics** 1(1+0)**
Total 23(14+9)


Third  Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit  Hours
AG-214 Crop Production  Technology -I (Kharif Crops) 2(1+1)
PBG-212 Fundamentals  of Plant Breeding 3(2+1)
AC-213 Fundamentals  of Plant  Biochemistry 2(1+1)
ENT-212 Pests of Crops & Stored grain &their Management 3(2+1)
AE-212 Agricultural  Finance  & Co-operation 3(2+1)
EE-213 Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology 2(2+0)
FMP(Ag)-211 Farm Machinery & Power 2(1+1)
PPT-212 Fundamentals  of Nematology 2(1+1)
HORT-213 Production  Technology  for Vegetables   & Spices 2(1+1)
AS-212 Agricultural  Informatics 2(1+1)
Total 23(14+9)


Fourth  Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit  Hours
AG-225 Crop Production  Technology-II(Rabi Crops) 2(1+1)
AG-226 Farming Systems & Sustainable Agriculture 1(1+0)
SST-221 Principles of Seed Technology 2(1+1)
AC-224 Problematic Soils & their Management 2(1+1)
ENT-223 Management of Beneficial Insects 2(1+1)
AE-223 Agricultural  Marketing, Trade & Prices 3(2+1)
FMP(Ag)-222 Renewable Energy & Green Technology 2(1+1)
PPT-223 Mushroom Cultivation 1(0+1)
FO-222 Environmental  Studies & Disaster Management 3(2+1)
EE-224 Communication Skills & Personality Development 2(1+1)
AC(E)-221 Agricultural  Chemicals 3(2+1)
HORT(E)-221 Hi-tech Horticulture
AG(E)-221 Water Management
PBG(E)-221 Commercial Plant Breeding
Total 23(13+10)


Fifth  Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit  Hours
CP(AG)-311 Practical Crop Production-I (kharif Crops) 2(0+2)
AG-317 Rainfed Agriculture  & Watershed Management 2(1+1)
PBG-313 Intellectual Property Rights 1(1+0)
PBG-314 Crop Improvement-I(Kharif  Crops) 2(1+1)
SST-312 Seed Quality Testing 1(0+1)
AC-315 Manures, Fertilizers  & Soil Fertility Management 3(2+1)
ENT-314 Principles of Integrated Pests & Disease Management 3(2+1)
PPT-314 Diseases of  Field & Horticultural Crops & their Management-I 3(2+1)
HORT-314 Production  Technology  for Ornamental, MAP & Landscaping 2(1+1)
EE-315 Entrepreneurship Development  & Business  Communication 2(1+1)
HORT(E)-312 Landscaping 3(2+1)
AC(E)-312 Bio-Pesticides & Bio-Fertilizers
AG(E)-312 Weed Management
ABT(E)-311 Micro Propagation Technologies
Total 24(13+11)


Sixth  Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit  Hours
CP(AG)-322 Practical Crop Production -II(Rabi Crops) 2(0+2)
AG_328 Principles of Organic Farming 2(1+1)
PBG-325 Crop Improvement-II(Rabi Crops) 2(1+1)
AG-329 Geo-informatics & Nano-Technology  for Precision Farming 2(1+1)
AE-324 Farm Management, Production  & Resource Economics 2(1+1)
SWE(Ag)-322 Protected Cultivation & Secondary Agriculture 2(1+1)
PPT-325 Diseases of  Field & Horticultural Crops & their Management-II 3(2+1)
HORT-325 Post-Harvest Management & Value addition of Horticultural Crops 2(1+1)
LPM-321 Livestock & Poultry Management 4(3+1)
HORT(E)-323 Protected Cultivation 3(2+1)
AC(E)-323 Soil, Plant, Water & Seed Testing
AG(E)-323 Agricultural Waste Management
ABM(E)-321 Agricultural Business Management
Total 24(13+11)


Seventh  Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit  Hours
RAWE-411 Village Attachment Programme 0+14
RAWE-412 Agro-Industrial Attachment Programme 0+6
  Total 0+20


Eighth  Semester
Course Number Course Title Credit  Hours
ELP-421  Experiential Learning Programme 0+20
  Total 0+20
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