(Supported by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, DBT, Govt. of India)


  • Laboratory Space
  • High-end Equipment
  • Internet and Computer

Technical Support

  • Technical experts from different subject domain as mentor
  • Monthly analysis of proposed milestone and technical review
  • Day to day monitoring of work progress
  • Access to advisor at different TRL level

Financial aids

  • Fellowship as per funding agencies
  • IP filing
  • Seed fund if eligible
  • Consumables as needed
  • Outsourcing if any

Personalized support

  • Periodic meetings and follow-ups according to your challenges
  • Development and optimization of business model
  • Marketing entry strategy development
  • Support and advice for the pitches before funding agencies
  • Analysis and review of funding requests
  • Connecting with companies and industry
  • Any other need to propel the concept in to product
  • Participation in entrepreneurial workshop
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